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Nikita Ogievetsky and Walter Perry invite you to participate in the resurrection of the New York XML Special Interest Group. We will meet Wednesday 9 May from 7 to 9 p.m. at 1 New York Plaza in downtown Manhattan (map directions below). The topics of this meeting will be the Universal Business Language, version 2.0 and the management of code lists (controlled vocabularies). If you have not had a good look at this standard, we urge you to check out that link as well as Jon Bosak's comments from XML2006 and, of course, to attend the SIG meeting on May 9th. The presenters for the May 9th meeting will be Ken Holman and Tony Coates. We are delighted, and grateful, that they have both volunteered their expertise toward what we confidently expect will be the enthusiastic re-start of the New York XML SIG. Bios of both presenters and abstracts of their talks are attached below. We are also grateful to Morgan Stanley for providing space and sponsorship for our group. To reserve a place for this meeting, please send an email request to You will receive a confirmation by return email. We look forward to a large and enthusiastic group on May 9th.

When: Wednesday, May 9th, 7-9 p.m.,

Location: 1 New York Plaza, New York, NY
Subway Trains 1(9), R, W "South Ferry" stop is right under the building.
Subway Trains 4 and 5 "Bowling Green" stop is about two-three blocks away.
Subway Trains 2 and 3 "Wall Street" stop is about five-six blocks away.

Wachovia Auditorium, 2nd Floor. Sponsored by Morgan Stanley.

Part 1: Introduction to the Universal Business Language (UBL)

Author: G. Ken Holman

UBL, the Universal Business Language, is the product of an international effort to define a royalty-free library of standard electronic XML business documents for B2B ecommerce. Developed in an open and accountable OASIS Technical Committee with participation from a variety of industry data standards organizations, UBL is designed to implement interoperable generic business messages.

This OASIS Standard is attracting a lot of worldwide attention as an XML vocabulary and common library for 31 business documents including purchase order, invoice, and other procurement documents, transportation documents and catalogue documents. Customization features allow one to utilize UBL in a conformant fashion while tailoring it to one's needs in a government, industry or trading business environment.

"Introduction to the Universal Business Language (UBL)" overviews the development of, components of and methodologies used in the global encumbrance-free electronic commerce XML vocabulary developed by the OASIS UBL Technical Committee.

Part 2: Why are simple code lists so complex?
Author: Anthony B. Coates

Code lists, or enumerated values, have been with us since long before computers. They should be well understood and easily dealt with by now. Unfortunately, they are not. As is so often the case, if you take a fundamentally simple concept, you find that everyone professes to understand it with crystal clarity. When you look more closely, you find that everybody has their own unique view of what the problem is and how it should be solved. Getting to a broadly applicable solution in these cases can be a long, slow struggle.

This presentation examines the ways code lists are used, and discusses the standard "genericode" XML format for code lists that is being produced for release later this year by the OASIS Code List Representation TC.


Mr. G. Ken Holman is the Chief Technology Officer for Crane Softwrights Ltd., current international secretary of the ISO subcommittee responsible for the SGML family of standards, co-editor of the UBL 2.0 specification, member of the W3C Working Group that developed XML from SGML, the founding chair of the two OASIS XML and XSLT Conformance Technical Committees and current chair of the Code List Representation Technical Committee and UBL HISC and SBS subcommittees and two task groups, the former chair of the Canadian committee to the ISO, the author of electronically-published and print-published books on XML-related technologies, and a frequent conference speaker.

Anthony B. Coates (Tony) is a London-based consultant who works with financial and enterprise clients on the design and mapping of data models, especially the production of enterprise message models based on industry standard XML or other message models. Tony is actively involved in numerous standards groups including ISO, UN/CEFACT, OASIS, MDDL, & FpML.

Both Tony and Ken are active members in the XML Guild... a consortium of some of the best independent XML consultants in the world. Guild members have extensive experience in XML and markup technologies, are involved in the establishment of standards and best practices, are authors of numerous books, articles and papers, and are well-known presenters and speakers.

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